The Jumbo Africa Auto Auction Inauguration Paves Way For Investors At The Naivasha Sez

The Recent Inauguration Of Jumbo Africa Auto Auction Sez Limited By President William Ruto Underscores The Sez Commitment To Attracting Diverse Industries.


The recent inauguration of Jumbo Africa Auto Auction SEZ Limited by President William Ruto underscores the SEZ commitment to attracting diverse industries. This development is a game-changer for Kenya's automotive sector, promising:

  • Reduced import costs for used cars from Japan.

  • Increased accessibility by allowing buyers to utilize Kenyan shillings for transactions.

But this is just the first chapter. The Kenyan government's ambitious plan to expand the SEZ by 5,000 acres signals its vision to create a full-fledged industrial city. Whispers of an electric vehicle manufacturing company joining the ranks of potential investors further solidify this commitment to innovation.

Benefits for Businesses:

The Naivasha SEZ offers a compelling package of incentives for businesses, including:

  • Tax breaks on corporate income tax, import duty, and VAT.

  • Favorable infrastructure, with access to geothermal power, a reliable water supply, and excellent transportation networks connecting it to major regional markets.

  • Streamlined business registration and regulatory processes.

This combination fosters a business environment that is conducive to growth, attracting established firms looking to expand and nurturing the rise of new ventures.

Opportunities for Investors:

As the Naivasha SEZ gathers momentum, so too do the opportunities for astute investors. Here are just some of the ways you can participate in this economic revolution:

  • Manufacturing: Set up a production facility within the SEZ and benefit from the streamlined logistics and infrastructure.

  • Warehousing: Establish a strategic storage and distribution hub, capitalizing on the SEZ connectivity.

  • Logistics: Provide essential transportation and supply chain services to cater to the growing industrial base.

  • Real Estate: Invest in plots within the SEZ – prime land for future commercial or industrial ventures.


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Investing in a plot for sale in Naivasha Dryport View offers a strategic advantage. The dry port's proximity to the SEZ ensures seamless movement of goods, making it an ideal location for businesses involved in import and export.


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Beyond the Investment:

Investing in the Naivasha SEZ goes beyond the potential for financial gain. It signifies your belief in Kenya's economic prowess and your commitment to playing a role in its future. The SEZ has the potential to create thousands of jobs, foster technological advancements, and elevate Kenya's position as a regional economic powerhouse. By investing with AMG Realtors, you become a part of this transformative story.

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