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    Rwanda’s Pathway to Wealth at the Naivasha Dryport SEZ

    Rwanda's ambitious plans to set up a cargo-handling facility at the Naivasha dry port have sent ripples of excitement through the Kenyan real estate market. This strategic move paves the way for a dramatic increase in trade between the two East African powerhouses, and savvy investors are already eyeing prime locations to capitalize on this inevitable boom.


    Best real estate company in Kenya- AMG Realtors

    Your search for the best real estate companies in Kenya ends here. AMG Realtors Kenya is a top-registered real estate company focused on premier land investment opportunities. We will help you find the best places to invest in real estate for under 5 million in Kenya.


    Commercial land for sale in Kenya

    With a growing economy, buying commercial land in Kenya offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The property listings in Kenya curated by AMG Realtors guarantee value for money. Read on to see the extensive portfolio.


    Land for sale in Kenya priced under Ksh 2 million

    Given the growing demand for plots to build commercial and residential properties, a hike in prices is expected to continue. This article will help you know where there are land prices under 2 million in Kenya. Let us explore different places where you can buy land affordably.

    The future of real estate in Kenya: Trends and Predictions

    The future of real estate in Kenya is optimistic thanks to foreign investors' and diaspora growing interest in Kenya's real estate market. Factors contributing to this positive outlook include the high demand for property and political stability. Also, real estate investment in Kenya has seen up to 25% returns since 2000.