Real Estate In Kenya, Property And Land For Sale In Kenya

The Field Of Real Estate In Kenya Has Grown At A Higher Rate Since The Late 2000S As A Result Of Increased Demand For Land In The Market. Amg Realtors Is A Developing Company And Has Great Land Deals To Offer From Residential Lands, A Property And Lands For Sale. The Company’s Reputation In Giving Suitable Land Is Recognized Both Locally And Internationally.

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The field of real estate in Kenya has grown at a higher rate since the late 2000s as a result of increased demand for land in the market. AMG Realtors is a developing company and has great land deals to offer from residential lands, a property and lands for sale. The company’s reputation in giving suitable land is recognized both locally and internationally.

Kenyan cities with the best real estate

Investors are on the lookout for best opportunities in the real estate sector to increase their returns. This enables the real estate market in Kenya to grow vigorously. As of 2024, a number of cities have emerged to be a place of interest for investors. Listed below are cities located in Kenya Africa with the best real estate.


Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya tops the list as the city with the best real estate to invest in but also the most expensive cities. Fortunately, there are areas within Nairobi called the satellite towns to invest in without incurring the high cost within Nairobi Town. The satellite towns are Thindigua, Athi River, Ngong, Juja, Kikuyu, Thika, Kitengela, and Ruaka.

Nairobi satellite towns are highly considered as prime lands to invest in. The towns have their pros and cons. Some of the pros for such towns is that they have lower cost of living, availability of space, and the distance to Nairobi is not far. Some of the cons are frequent water rationing, lack of convenient means of transport and development in such areas is slow.


Besides Nakuru county being the heritage of Kenya with remarkable tourist sites, it is also a city to look forward to investing in. Nakuru is a thriving city located in Kenya, central region. It has been flourishing in the real estate sector with high demand from investors for both commercial and residential properties. The city is strategically located along Nairobi-Nakuru highway making it suitable for investors wanting to set up commercial buildings.


Investors have made it evident that there will always be great returns on properties located at the beachfront. The most profitable investment is the growth of both commercial and residential properties along the coastline. Malindi is regarded as the most profitable place to invest in beachfront properties. The prices tend to increase with time because of the tourism increase rate in Malindi.

The advantage of investing in Malindi is such as stable market growth rate and the property market is readily available. Some of the disadvantages include high property prices as compared to Nairobi and high competition for properties from different investors.


In Nanyuki, Laikipia has transformed into the most profitable location to invest in real estate. This is as a result of Kenya’s white settlers opting to live in such areas because of the natural attraction sites like the Aberdares, Mount Kenya and Lolldaiga Hills. Laikipia is a core attraction for tourists with the presence of game reserves such as Borana, Ol Pejeta, Lewa, and El Karama.

Nanyuki has been regarded as an affordable location to invest in. The government has projects underway such as building an international airport and a resort city in Nanyuki. These projects will aid in the growth and development of Nanyuki.

 Pros of investing in Nanyuki include plenty of available properties and the properties are relatively affordable. The cons include low development in some areas in Nanyuki and price of properties increasing at a high rate.


Many investors in the real estate sector are looking at Naivasha as an ideal location to invest in selling and buying of different lands. Naivasha area has affordable lands for sale and residential lands as the demand for people wanting to live outside Nairobi increases. Buying land in Naivasha only appreciates with time, thus offering a golden opportunity to later sell the land at higher profit. Investing in Naivasha attracts both local and international investors.


Kikopey is strategically located along Nairobi-Nakuru highway and is a great location for investments in the real estate sector. Kikopey area has affordable lands for sale, residential lands for sale and commercial lands for sale. Kikopey location has numerous government projects that will aid in continuous development.


Invest in Aberdare, a land full of beauty and tranquil nature. Investors are looking forward to investing in Aberdare for both residential and commercial properties. Aberdare has great breathtaking views of the Aberdare ranges and Mt Kenya. This is an advantage for investors since the lands have a stable market growth. This has earned Aberdare in the list of one of the places with best real estate.


Rumuruti in Laikipia county is set to become a promising investment to invest in years to come. The land is a hidden gem in Kenya's real estate sector given the many opportunities the land has to offer. The land is famous for wildlife attraction, Maasai culture and serene landscapes. Rumuruti is a good place to invest in and keeps on appreciating as its amenities and infrastructure grows.


Over the years Juja has gained popularity in the market and appeared as one of the best real estate properties to invest in. It is located along Thika-Super Highway thus the proximity toward Nairobi Town is not that far. Juja is considered as a prime location to invest in. lands located in Juja are close to social amenities such as schools, hospitals and police stations.


Matuu is situated in Machakos County, with numerous cheap and affordable lands to buy and own for either agribusiness or residential. For stakeholders in search of prosperity and growth, Matuu is the ideal location to invest in. Investors have a golden chance to embark on the real estate sector compared to other known lands by investing in Matuu.

Lands for sale in Matuu are favorably cheap and offer gain interest to many people opting for settlement or commercial purposes. Plots in Matuu have an upper hand for not having any land restrictions compared to lands in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Office Markets in Kenya

In the office markets, Nairobi still holds the position in Sub-Saharan Africa as a regional commercial center. Kenya shows a comparison in occupancy rates in real estate. This gives investors a good fit for investment opportunities present.

For instance in 2021 the real estate sector had a great improvement of rentals yielding at 7.3%. Thus was an increase of 0.3% compared to 2020 when the yield was at 7.0%.

Retail Markets in Kenya

The retail market rates in different cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa and Nakuru is determined by the performances of the real estates in terms of the occupancy rates, rental yields and the rents collected. Factors that have caused an increase in the retail market include positive national demographic and services offered in the offices.

Industrial Markets in Kenya

The industrial markets in Kenya have led to economic growth. This includes building and infrastructure development, transport and services development and building and construction development. Although most industrial companies are against leasing and renting out their spaces, they will need a couple of years to grow.

Residential Markets in Kenya

The residential market influences the market widely. Great development has been witnessed in the Nairobi region and also other growing areas such as Kisumu, Nanyuki, Mombasa, and Naivasha.

What is the rank of Nairobi in the prime global cities index?

In the prime global cities index, Nairobi is ranked as position 29. Nairobi has maintained the rank in third quarter index at the Prime Global Cities. This has earned Kenya’s capital as the only African country on the list.

FAQS for Real Estate in Kenya


Is real estate profitable in Kenya? Yes real estate is profitable in Kenya and a good way to earn money.

How is the real estate market in Kenya? In real estate the residential market dominates the market.

How much is real estate in Kenya? The average house for sale in Kenya is approximately Ksh 22,500,000 while the cheapest goes for Ksh 4,500,000.

How to start real estate investing in Kenya? Get your finances in order, do a property evaluation,  make property payments, build a team to work with you, adopt a simple strategy, and have an equity build-up.

Kenya's real estate market has thrived at a high rate as of 2024. Different towns such as Nairobi have become of interest for investors and also other urban areas such as Kisumu, Nakuru, Nanyuki, and Mombasa.  Each town offers a unique perspective to desirable investors.