Land For Sale In Kenya Priced Under Ksh 2 Million

Given The Growing Demand For Plots To Build Commercial And Residential Properties, A Hike In Prices Is Expected To Continue. This Article Will Help You Know Where There Are Land Prices Under 2 Million In Kenya. Let Us Explore Different Places Where You Can Buy Land Affordably.

Land is a lucrative investment in Kenya since it appreciates with time and offers long-term returns. However, the price of land has recently skyrocketed, with some prime areas costing more than 500 million per acre. But that should not kill your hopes of owning property because there are several land prices under 2 million in Kenya.

Given the growing demand for plots to build commercial and residential properties, a hike in prices is expected to continue. This article will help you know where there are land prices under 2 million in Kenya. Let us explore different places where you can buy land affordably.

Where can I buy affordable land for sale under 2 million shillings in Kenya?

Land for sale in Nairobi

Buying land in the capital city of Kenya is the best investment you can make when looking for commercial, speculative, or residential land. Plots for sale in the Nairobi Metropolitan area can cost less than 2 million. Land for sale in Athi River, Kamulu, or Joska can cost about Ksh. 900,000 – 1,000,000.

Land for sale in Nakuru

Nakuru is ideal for industrial and residential development. The land is also fertile for agricultural activities. Greenlands and Vantage Gardens are some of the prime areas where you can get cheap land prices under 2 million in Kenya. Greenlands is located along Nakuru-Nyahururu road with a 1/8 acre going for Ksh. 499,000 and a ¼ acre costing Ksh. 949,000.

Land for sale in Malindi

Malindi is a gateway to a tourist destination, making it ideal for commercial properties. The land rates are also fair compared to other parts of the country. A 1/8th acre plot goes from Ksh. 120,000 in Barizi Gardens Mayouth and goes for Ksh 150,000 at Sayari Gardens Malindi. That means 1 acre of land price can cost you from Ksh. 960,000.

Land for sale in Nanyuki

Nanyuki is a promising area to buy a property for under 2 million. Land prices are relatively affordable, with plots in Nanyuki town going for less than 2 million. Scenic View is 20 minutes away from Nanyuki town with 1/8 acre of plots going for Ksh. 300,000. There is also Daiga View, which is ideal for residential land, going for Ksh. 499,000. 

Land for sale in Naivasha

Naivasha is nestled in the spectacular Rift Valley, bustling with economic and agricultural activities. Embrace the serenity of Siverbell Gardens in Naivasha, a 15-minute drive from Mai Mahiu going for Ksh. 499,000. We also have prime land located along Naivasha-Longonot highway with 50 X 100 costing Ksh. 1,500,000.

Land for sale in Kikopey

Kikopey is strategically located along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and has continued to lure foreign and local meat lovers. This Choma zone has attracted multimillion investments, and what started as a small trading center is now becoming a distinctive cosmopolitan town. At Kikopey Gardens, which is about 3km from Kikopey, we have 1/8th acre plots at Ksh. 399,000.

Land for sale in Aberdare

Dreamy and alluring, the spectacular Aberdare is a prime area to buy land, either for commercial or residential purposes. The stunning views of the Aberdare ranges give you a sense of tranquility. Grab a 1/8th acre plot at only Ksh. 399,000 at Aberdare Gardens.

Land for sale in Rumuruti

The once-sleepy town has been overtaken by new businesses and infrastructure, making it an investor’s dream area. Rumuruti has become a hidden gem where you can get a 50 x 100 plot at Ksh. 349,000. Rumuruti Prime Acres is located along Nanyuki-Rumuruti road and is 7 km from Rumuruti town. An acre goes for Ksh. 799,000, and the land is suitable for agricultural, commercial, and residential purposes.

Where and how will I be informed about new properties listed and affordable land in Kenya?

As a prospective purchaser, you can always get information about vacant land for sale at the AMG Realtors platform. We list available properties to help you find land prices within your vicinity or any area where you want to buy commercial or residential land. Alternatively, ask for referrals, watch local property shows, and visit property blogs or forums. 

FAQS about land prices under 2 million

What is the average price of land in Kenya?

The average price for buying land in Kenya ranges between 1 million to 500,000 million per acre. Location is the primary determinant of this price. In rural areas, you can find a plot for sale at 50k.

How to Buy Land in Kenya?

Whether you want cheap agricultural land for sale in Kenya or looking for commercial property in the capital city, always follow the right process. The process includes:

·       Find the land you are planning to buy

·       Do the land search

·       Get a survey map from a surveyor

·       Sign a sale agreement

·       The land will be transferred to you

Involve a reputable lawyer and realtor to make your process seamless.

How Much Is an Eighth of an Acre in Kenya?

The cost varies depending on the infrastructure, location, and purpose of the land. An eighth of an acre in major cities like Kisumu, Nairobi, and Mombasa can cost around 1 million. But you can find cheap land for sale in Kenya in other towns.

Where to Buy Plot in Kenya?

AMG Realtors remains a reliable place to buy plots in Kenya.

Finding land prices under 2 million in Kenya should not be a hurdle. But remember, the price varies based on size, location, development, and infrastructure. Visit the land, do the due diligence, and involve professionals to avoid getting scammed.