Best Real Estate Company In Kenya- Amg Realtors

Your Search For The Best Real Estate Companies In Kenya Ends Here. Amg Realtors Kenya Is A Top-Registered Real Estate Company Focused On Premier Land Investment Opportunities. We Will Help You Find The Best Places To Invest In Real Estate For Under 5 Million In Kenya.

The extensive knowledge of AMG Realtors and top-rated locations makes AMG one of the most reliable real estate companies in Kenya. Get a 1/8 acre prime land for sale in Kenya, for less than 5 million. Build your dream rental or vacation home in a safe and secure location next to unparalleled infrastructure and amenities.

Who is the largest real estate developer in Kenya?

AMG Realtors is one of the top 10 real estate companies in Kenya. It is located at AMG Centre, Thika Superhighway (Off Exit 7), Garden Estate Road in Nairobi Kenya. The staff understands the real estate market. Moreover, you can expect professionalism and client satisfaction.

Properties from our registered real estate company in Kenya- AMG Realtors

Juja Prime Phase 8

Juja Prime Phase 8 boasts convenience as it is 30 minutes from Nairobi. For a cash price of KSH 3.5m, you get to become part of an exclusive gated community. Enjoy proximity to Juja City Mall, recreational venues, banks, and the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Ol Saruni Gardens Nanyuki

At Ol Sarun Gardens, Nanyuki is where luxury meets nature. Build your cozy property next to the famous Sarova Maiyan Resort, all thanks to one of the top real estate companies in Kenya. Get a ¼ for 4,600,000 cash price and begin your new lush life.

Goldencrest Matuu

Do not miss out on these fully serviced plots with unbelievable access to important amenities. At Goldencrest Matuu, you are only 500m from the Thika-Garissa highway and less than an hour away from institutions, hospitals, and other services. Get a 1/8 for as low as Ksh 299,000 cash price.

Naivasha prime

Unlock business opportunities at Naivasha Prime, located fifteen minutes from Lake Naivasha. Pay a cash price of Ksh 1.5M and get that dream recreational center up and running. Naivasha Prime comes with a fitted water and electricity connection and a perimeter fence, guaranteeing safety.

Beverly Estate Nanyuki Phase 4

Beverly Estate is a testament to AMG's understanding of real estate in Kenya. Own a 1-acre plot from Ksh 2,200,000. Perks include proximity to Nanyuki town and access to nature and wildlife areas, outdoor venues, and the Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Nanyuki Sunrise

Nanyuki Sunrise, as the name suggests, promises breathtaking views from all corners. Get a 1/8 acre  From Ksh 300,000. Build a premier getaway resort, or take advantage of the arable land and grow your guava farm.

Daiga view Nanyuki

Discover the masterpiece that is Daiga View Nanyuki, thanks to one of the trusted land-selling companies in Kenya. Get this land that offers undisturbed views of Lolldaiga hills. For Ksh 499,000 cash price, you also enjoy fitted water and electricity, a perimeter fence, and social amenities.

Nanyuki sundowner

Nanyuki Sundowner is the serene and fertile land of your dreams. The plots are 20 minutes from Nanyuki town. Buy this 1/8 acre land from Ksh 349,000.

Vantage Gardens Nakuru 5

Escape the hustle and bustles of the capital at Vantage Gardens Nakuru 5. The prime land is 20 minutes away from Nakuru city. Purchase a 1/8 acre from Ksh 499,000.

Greenlands Nakuru

Say hello to tranquility thanks to Greenlands Nakuru. With an ¼ acre plot, you and your loved ones get to live in a secure residential area. Greenlands is only 20 minutes from the city and goes for an affordable cash price of Ksh 949,000.

Silverbell Gardens Naivasha

Silverbell Gardens is the perfect spot for your weekend holiday home. It is 15 minutes from Mai-Mahiu town. Get this 1/8 acre plot from Ksh 499,000.

Naivasha Dryport view

Unleash your inner entrepreneur at Naivasha Dryport View. Take advantage of this business hub and buy a 1/8 acre plot from Ksh 1,200,000. Expect a thriving cargo facility, social amenities, and easy access to government services.

Tulivu Gardens Kangundo road

Thanks to AMG's varied listings for land for sale in Nairobi, you can become a member of Tulivu Gardens Phase 3. The government plans to build a dual carriageway, which will mean getting to Nairobi in less than an hour. Pick a 1/8 acre plot from Ksh 899,000.

Rumuruti prime acres

Rumuruti's prime properties are a must-have. The budding town offers access to institutions, health facilities, and markets. It is 7km from the main town, and a 1-acre plot goes for Ksh 799,000 cash price.

Kikopey gardens

Kikopey Gardens is located in the famous stopover destination. These untapped vacant lands are ideal for farming or building your lavish rural home. Pay a cash price of Ksh 399,000 for a 1/8th Acre Plot today.

Aberdare gardens

Find beauty in this paradise located fifteen minutes from Nyahururu town. Aberdare Gardens offers you the chance to live in a gated community with access to water and electricity. These 1/8 acre plots are available From Ksh 399,000.

Sayari Gardens Malindi

Come and unwind at Sayari Gardens Malindi. The property is 35 minutes away from Malindi town. Get these cheap 1/8 acre plots From Ksh 150,000.

Barizi Gardens- Mayouth Corner

Kickstart your child's investment journey with the Barizi Gardens- Mayouth Corner. These vacant lands for sale are available to youth ages 18 to 30. Buy a 1/8 acre plot from Ksh 120,000.

Sunset Estate Diani

AMG Realtors offers you this unmatched chance to own a coastal retreat. Sunset Estate Diani has essential amenities and is 15 minutes from Ukunda town. Get your 1/8 acre plot From Ksh 749,000.

What makes a real estate company stand out?

AMG Realtors stands out as one of the most trusted property companies in Kenya due to number of title deeds given, quality services, and strong brand presence.

FAQS about best real estate company in Kenya

How do I know if a real estate company is legit in Kenya?

AMG Realtors has verified legal documents, including ready property titles and a KPDA membership certificate.

Which company has the highest real estate?

AMG Realtors is at the top of the list of registered real estate companies in Kenya thanks to its extensive listings countrywide.

What is the most well-known real estate company?

AMG Realtors has insider knowledge of Kenyan real estate, making it one of the most well-known companies.

Is Kenya a good place to invest in real estate?

Thanks to urbanization and government incentives, Kenya is an excellent destination for real estate investment.

AMG Realtors continues to fall under the list of reliable real estate companies in Kenya. Having operated for over 11 years, AMG Realtors know the ins and outs of Kenya real estate. Unlock your land investment goals with AMG by reaching us at +254 796 888 555 today!