Best Places To Buy Affordable Land In Kenya

Kiambu, Kwale And Nakuru Are Some Of The Counties Where You Can Find Affordable Land In Kenya. Top Locations Where You Can Invest In Real Estate At A Fair Price Include Nanyuki, Malindi And Juja. How Do You Get Your Hands On These Cheap Plots For Sale In Kenya? Real Estate Investment Has Significant Returns. If Owning Land Has Been One Of Your Dream Investments, You Will Be Glad To Learn About The Scores Of Affordable Land In Kenya. Here Are The Top Areas In Kenya Where Land Is Affordable.

Greatest locations in Kenya to buy cheap land


AMG Realtors promises an enticing list of properties for sale in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. This selection keeps in mind the different preferences and investment goals. Do you picture yourself in a beautiful place where you can see amazing nature scenes? Explore the wonder of Nanyuki Sunrise!

Every view in this estate is like a masterpiece. Nanyuki Sunrise is perfect for building your vacation home or a relaxing resort. You will have everything you need to feel cozy and at ease during your time in Nanyuki.

Even better, you get amazing views of the Lolldaiga hills. Nanyuki Sunrise is 20 minutes from Nanyuki town along the Nanyuki-Rumuruti road. Get the affordable ⅛ plots at less than 500,000 KES.

Nanyuki Ol Saruni, Daiga View and Nanyuki Beverly Estate are also excellent areas to buy the most affordable land in Kenya. They all have amenities on site. Also, thanks to urbanization and tourism, you can expect capital appreciation from these investments.


Investing in AMG properties in Juja, particularly in Juja Prime Phase 8, is the right choice if you plan on buying affordable land in Kenya. Juja Prime Phase 8 presents a lucrative opportunity for property investment.

The project is in an amazing location, that is rapidly growing. Juja Prime Phase 8 is also close to Nairobi CBD, hence benefiting from the government-led infrastructural changes.

The land for sale in Juja Prime Phase 8 is prime for residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects. Also, Juja is a top choice for educational institutions and has a rising  population. Therefore, you are assured of  high demand for housing.

investing in Juja Prime Phase 8 is more than buying raw real estate. Instead, you will be obtaining a promising future. Welcome a life of prosperity and a thriving community.


Make you dreams come true at Goldencrest Matuu. The community provides fully serviced plots and numerous facilities. Goldencrest Matuu has everything you need for an amazing  life.

There are social amenities like Matuu Level 4 Hospital, and banking options like Equity Bank and Co-operative Bank. Enjoy work and relaxation in Matuu. Begin building your future today at Goldencrest Matuu!


Diani is one of the best destinations to visit in Kenya. It is here, where you will find Diani Beach, which won the 2020 Travelers’ Choice Awards. Diani is also one of the best places to buy land in Kenya.

AMG Realtors welcome you to Diani Breeze Estate, a place by the coast where you can relax and feel fancy. This estate is  a special spot where you can hear the sea and live in bliss. You can go for a vacation home or build a resort.

Everything you need to enjoy your time in Diani is right here. Sunset Estate Diani is only 15 minutes away from Ukunda town. The ⅛ plots gor for less than 1,000,000 KES.


Rumuruti is another great option if you are wondering where to buy a plot of land in Kenya. The once marginalized town is ideal for crop production and livestock keeping. Today, you can get a piece of this snowballing town through Rumuruti Prime Acres and Rumuruti Gardens Mayouth.

These projects have lots of green space. They both have ready amenities. Do not miss the chance to own a 1 acre and ⅛ acre at a steal.


Malindi is the gateway to Lamu Island and the Watamu Marine National Park. Its booming tourism industry makes it a top choice among local and international investors. AMG realtors brings your investment goals to your doorstep.

Discover the calmness of Barizi Gardens. Take in all the beauty around you. Barizi Gardens is perfect for those who want to invest in land. The project is 35 minutes from Malindi town along the Malindi-Tsavo road at Bao Lala.

If you or a loved one is aged 18-30 the Barizi Gardens - Mayouth Corner is just right for you. Get a prime 50 by 100 plot for only 120,000 KES. Become a savvy investortoday. This spot is conveniently located 35 minutes away from Malindi town along the Malindi-Tsavo road at Bao lala.

Kangundo Rd

Kangundo road is one of the most accessible and affordable spots for land buying in Kenya.The government plants to expand this road to major arteries has also improved the area’s growth prospects. AMG Realtors welcome you to Tulivu Gardens Phase 3.

This estate is beautiful and secure. Tuvalu Gardens Phase 3 is also 5-minute drive from Kangundo Road. There is no need to keep searching for where to buy plot/land in Kenya. Buy a vacant ⅛ plot for less than 1,000,000 KES.


Nakuru continually offers employment opportunities and cheap agricultural land for sale in Kenya. The city also boasts good roads. Thanks to AMG Realtors, you can own a ¼ or ⅛ acre plot at Greenlands Nakuru.

Greenlands Nakuru is twenty minutes from Nakuru city. Its location will save you from traffic jams. Also, you get to experience the healing effects of nature.


Naivasha has become a business hub and home of the wealthy. Besides offering one of the most affordable land in Kenya in 2024, acquiring land is relatively easy compared to other major towns.

Silverbell Gardens in Naivasha offers stunning views everywhere you look. It's the right spot to build your holiday home or a getaway. What’s more, Silverbell Gardens is only a 15-minute drive from Mai Mahiu town, along the Naivasha-Mai Mahiu Road.

Naivasha Dry Port View is for you if you wish to invest in a business hub. Set yourself up for success in the growing economy. These AMG plots benefit from nearby infrastructure developments, specifically the ICD dry port. Naivasha Dry Port View is located just 15 minutes away from Mai Mahiu town, along the Narok-Mai Mahiu Road.

Why it is a smart investment to buy affordable land in Nairobi?

Land in Kenya and particularly Nairobi does not wear out. Nairobi is growing and more people move here every day. What this means is that there is a growing need for workspaces and housing. So if you construct a residential or retail property, chances are you will find tenants within a short time.

Also, the government is invested in improving Nairobi. If you keep the law of supply and demand in mind, you realize that owning land in Nairobi matters. With demand beating the supply, your land’s value will skyrocket.

There are several factors to consider when buying land in Kenya. The most important is legal documentation, the land zone code, amenities, and security. It also helps to pick an area that is easily accessible.

Pro tips for purchasing budget-friendly land in Kenya

Buying affordable land in Kenya is possible. The first step is to do proper research on the location. Find out if it is accessible, and whether it meets your needs and future development plans in that area. Next, you should stick to your budget.

Ensure you hire a reputable lawyer to guide you through the entire process. One rule you must follow is to “never ever buy land that you have not seen.” Visit the area with an expert before proceeding to buy the land.

FAQS about the best places to buy affordable land in Kenya

Where is an acre of land cheapest in Kenya? Kiambu, Kwale, Nyeri, and Nakuru are places where you can find the cheapest land in Kenya.

Why is land in Malindi so cheap? Historical factors and trouble getting official title deeds are the reasons why Malindi offers some of the most affordable land in Kenya.

What do I need to know before buying land in Kenya? Some factors to consider when buying land include the location, land cost, land size, title deed and land use.

Investing in affordable land in Kenya presents lucrative opportunities for both residential and commercial purposes. Counties like Kiambu, Kwale, and Nakuru offer promising prospects, with emerging areas like Nanyuki, Juja, and Malindi standing out. AMG Realtors offers prime lands for sale across Kenya. Visit our website or call us at +254 796 888 555 today.