Best Place To Live And Work In Africa

The Tropical Climate In Port Louis Makes Mauritius One Of The Best Places To Live In Africa. And If You Are About To Retire, Victoria, Seychelles Should Be At The Top Of Your List. African Countries Offer Everything From Fine Dining To A Vibrant Real Estate Market. The Best Place To Live In Africa Varies Based On Needs. If You Are An Expatriate Thinking Of Moving To Africa, It Helps To Understand The Culture, Living Standards, And Safety Of The Location. Keep Reading To See The Safest Places To Live In Africa.

Why is Africa an Ideal place to live for anyone?

The breathtaking natural beauty of African countries makes Africa an ideal place to live. Additionally, you will experience the rich cultures, vast landscapes, and scenic savannahs. The sandy beaches make countries like Kenya, Mozambique, and Mauritius the best places to live in Africa for ex-pats.

Africa has famous landmarks like Victoria Falls, The Pyramids, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Also, the continent has more than 3000 ethnic groups. You are, therefore, assured of unique experiences. Africa also has a spirit of innovation. MPESA in Kenya is one of the greatest innovations in the banking industry.

The diversity in African countries shines through the different cuisines, art, and literature. Also, the real estate market offers immense investment opportunities. You can set up regional headquarters and a luxurious coastal vacation home.

What factors should you consider when choosing a place to live in Africa?

There are several considerations when looking for a place to relocate to in Africa. Safety is paramount. The crime rate in various parts of the continent has decreased. Even so, you must perform due diligence.

Mauritius is the most peaceful country in Africa. The country enjoys political stability and low crime cases. Botswana, Gambia, Kenya, and Namibia are also some of the best places to live in Africa for foreigners concerned about their safety.

The cost of living will inform your desired country. As of this writing, Mozambique has the highest cost of living. Despite its rich natural resources, the country experiences high inflation and is yet to recover from natural disasters.

Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, and Ghana are among the cheapest African countries to fly to. As for relocation, Zambia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya are a few countries with affordable living costs. Kenya is a fantastic choice primarily due to its sound education system.

The climate is also something to consider before moving to Africa. Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda are ideal if you love the tropical climate. Lesotho, Morocco, and South Africa are, on the other hand, perfect if you prefer cooler temperatures.

Cities like Tripoli and Algiers are some of the worst places to live in Africa. These areas face poor healthcare availability, conflict levels, and infrastructure.

Best countries to live in Africa


Kenya is one of the most welcoming countries. It is also one of the best places to live in Africa for African Americans. It has a beautiful capital city and offers unique and modern safaris.

Kenya also has warm weather, enchanting beaches and numerous world heritage sites. The country is known for its great environment for investors. Living in Kenya would allow you to enjoy a stable political environment, fine dining, premium housing, good-quality education and a thriving social life.


Mauritius is the most civilized country in Africa. It reaches the "very high human development" cut-off point. It is also one of the cleanest countries in which to live.

Mauritius' competitive economy makes it the best African country to make money. You will find it easy to settle if you speak English and French. The citizens are friendly. Also, the beaches and other outdoor activities create an exciting lifestyle, particularly for expatriates.


There are three main islands in Seychelles. All three boast great hiking spots, turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches. The communities are welcoming. Additionally, it is culturally rich.

A few things to note is that the cost of living is relatively high. Also, Seychelles has limited work opportunities for expatriates. Even so, the tropical climate and laid-back nature make Seychelles one of the top 10 best African countries to live in.


Morocco is also known as the gateway to Africa. The affordable living costs make Morocco attractive to many foreigners. The people in Morocco are welcoming. Also, English is widely spoken in urban areas.

Morocco's weather is pleasant all year round. There are lots of social activities. The delicious food, exquisite architecture, and tourist-friendly cities make Morocco an excellent relocation choice.


You will love the Mediterranean climate in Tunisia. Tunisia is also home to the Atlas Mountains and ancient ruins of Carthage. The official language is Arabic. However, Tunisia has a sizeable expatriate community, so you are bound to hear French in social settings.

Tunisia has a progressive culture. Moreover, expatriates can enjoy a low cost of living. With its diverse culture, warm beaches, and affordability, Tunisia would be a nice place to live and work.

South Africa

South Africa is in the southernmost part of Africa. The "rainbow nation" is known for its economic and political significance on the continent. Moreover, it has a beautiful natural environment.

Cape Peninsula is one of the best attractions, with a coastline of over 2,500 kilometres. The Drakensberg Mountains draw in adventure seekers who love hiking and rock climbing. South Africa also has a vibrant cultural heritage.

The country's strong economy makes South Africa one of the highest-paying countries in Africa. The quality of life is good. Additionally, the government has made efforts to reduce the crime rates. Cape Town is the best place to live in South Africa. That said, the cost of living index in South Africa makes it one of the best places to live in Africa.


Egypt is one of the top 10 best African countries to make money. The cost of living is low, and expatriates earn high salaries, as most work for large multinational companies. You are, therefore, assured of a high quality of life.

Egypt also has iconic historic sites such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum. Its strategic location offers numerous business opportunities. Also, while Egypt had a stormy political landscape before, the situation stabilized.


Botswana is one of the 16 landlocked countries in Africa. Its stable economy, high quality of life and fewer violence cases make it a fantastic destination. The locals are also welcoming.

Life in Botswana promises beautiful natural landscapes. You will also experience unique safaris thanks to the diverse wildlife. The cultural heritage and temperate climate will make you love Botswana.


Ghana is one of the most stable countries in Africa. Affordable housing, transport and food are the best reasons to move to Ghana. The local communities are welcoming and mostly speak English.

Ghana experiences a tropical climate. It has plenty of beaches with fun social activities. Ghana also succeeds on the investment side, as starting a business is relatively straightforward.


Rwanda is one of the smallest yet diverse countries in Africa. The country has a low corruption and crime rate. Rwanda is also known as " the land of a thousand hills."

You can expect to see rainforests, lush green hills and volcanoes. Rwanda also boasts unique wildlife and beautiful weather. The country's stability, openness to innovative ideas, and healing culture make Rwanda a good country in which to live.


Zanzibar is known for its exotic beaches and captivating beauty. The main area, Stone Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire island has a historical significance, particularly concerning trade and colonialism.

The slow-paced life makes Zanzibar perfect for utilizing your nest egg. Moreover, The close-knit community will offer a strong sense of belonging. With its culinary delights, clear waters, and overall relaxed island life, Zanzibar is a top contender for places to move to in Africa.


Algeria is a North African country with significant French influence. The Arab-speaking country is oil-rich. It is, therefore, no surprise that expatriates who come to live and work belong to the oil and gas industry. It is also one of the cheapest countries to live as a foreigner.

The climate is different in every region. The political environment is relatively stable. Moreover, Algeria is a melting pot with a thriving history, diverse cuisine and numerous social activities.

FAQS for the best places to live in Africa

Which country in Africa is best to live in? Kenya is the best African country to live in as it offers the highest quality of life.

What is the safest country in Africa to live in? Kenya is politically stable and has low crime rates, making it the safest African country.

Which is the cheapest country in Africa to live in? Egypt is the cheapest African country in which to live. It is possible to live comfortably on less than $400 a month.

Which is the cleanest city in Africa? Kigali, Rwanda, is Africa's cleanest city.

The best place to live in Africa is dependent on your priorities. Kenya offers safety and security, warm weather and fantastic investment opportunities. If you are a foreigner looking to invest in real estate, AMG Realtors will help you find the right property. Embrace the beauty and opportunities available in Africa by contacting us at +254 796 888 555 today.