A Simple Guide To The Process Of Buying Land In Kenya: Detailed Legal Process For Beginners

The Process Of Buying Land In Kenya Begins With Finding The Land Of Your Choice. After That, You Must Perform A Land Search, Acquire Survey Maps, And Sign A Sale Agreement. The Final Step Of The Land-Buying Procedure Is A Legally Binding Document Showing The Land Transfer.

The process of buying land in Kenya begins with finding the land of your choice. After that, you must perform a land search, acquire survey maps, and sign a sale agreement. The final step of the land-buying procedure is a legally binding document showing the land transfer.

It would be best to hire a reputable real estate company like AMG Realtors before starting the land purchase process. The AMG team handles the nitty-gritty of the process of buying land in Kenya. Therefore, you only need to identify your ideal location and receive a ready title deed for your dream property.

What to know before buying land in Kenya?

There are several factors to consider when buying land in  Kenya.

Land type

Before buying land in Kenya, you must determine how you will use the property. Examples include residential, commercial, or agricultural development. Most importantly, understand the type of land ownership, whether you intend to lease or own it indefinitely.

Land topography

The next step is identifying the physical attributes of the land you wish to purchase. These include valleys, rivers, and plains. The topography will affect how you use the land based on its weather and rainfall patterns.

Land utilities

Ensure that you find out the available utilities before you buy a plot of land. Thankfully, all AMG vacant lands for sale in Kenya have water, electricity, and a perimeter fence. All properties are in a gated community, guaranteeing safety and exclusivity.

Riparian land

Confirm that the land you wish to buy is not near a river or stream. Riparian land in Kenya is up to 30 meters close to a river bank on either side. AMG properties are in prime locations, so you need not worry about riparian land.

Road accessibility to the Land

Confirm that the land is accessible from all sides. For instance, if you buy land from AMG realtors, you will only need a few minutes to get to the highway or the main town in that area. Moreover, all plots have accessible paths, so you do not have to enter someone else's property.

Check the title deed to confirm ownership

The most important factor when buying land for beginners is the availability of a title deed. Do not pay for land you have not seen. Also, a legitimate title deed will show the Ministry of Lands as the source.

The legal procedures required when buying land in Kenya

The legal procedure of buying land in Kenya involves carrying out due diligence before making the final land transfer.

Find the land

The process of buying land from an individual requires carrying out an online search on all your ideal locations. With AMG realtors, you only need to check the properties page on the website. You will see varied listings from here, including land for sale in Nairobi, Diani, and Matuu.

Make a land search

Once you have seen your prospective property, request the seller for a title deed to perform a land search. The online Ardhisasa platform will verify whether the land appears on the Ministry of Lands records. Other details include the rightful owner, land size, and relevant caveats.

Conduct a search of the land in its location

It would be best to visit the respective survey office where the land is located to verify its existence. This search will also reveal any unpaid land rates. Note that with AMG properties, transparency, and rates clearance certificates are assured.

Get and check the survey maps

Getting survey maps will help you ascertain the land's measurements. You will also see an overview of the land with the adjacent properties. All of AMG's properties come with a transparent model on Google Maps.

Confirm if the seller has consent

The seller must prove that they can legally sell the land to you. AMG relators are registered KPDA members. Any land sold to you is legitimately owned by AMG.

Ensure you sign the sale agreement

The sale agreement is a legal document that protects you and the seller. This agreement contains information such as the land cost, buyer and seller details, and each party's role in the land sale. The sale agreement costs vary depending on the price of the land and its location.

Final land transfer

The last step in the land purchase process is land transfer at the registry. The seller must provide the sale agreement, the Land Control Board Consent Form, the old title deed, and passport photos, among other important documents. The change of ownership to you will take about 21 days.

FAQS for the process of buying land in Kenya

How much is the legal fee for land purchase in Kenya?

As of this writing, the Law Society of Kenya states that the legal fee is KSH 3000 for land that is equal to or less than Ksh1,000,000. The legal charge for land above KSH 1,000,000 is KSH 8,000.

Who pays stamp duty when buying land in Kenya?

As the buyer, it is your responsibility to pay stamp duty.

What are the factors to consider when buying land?

Important factors include the topography, location, title deed, infrastructure, and the cost of buying land in Kenya.

What are the processes through which land ownership may be acquired in Kenya?

The most common way of land ownership is through the legal transfer of the identified property. Land ownership will then fall under communal, freehold, leasehold, or partial agreement.

The process of buying land in Kenya is straightforward, thanks to AMG Realtors. Our team will advise you on the best places to buy land in Africa, from the coastal retreats to the lush highlands. Call us at +254 796 888 555 to begin your land ownership process.