10 Exciting Things To Do In Malindi For Vacation

Malindi is different things to different people. To some, especially the moneyed types, it’s the billionaire’s playground. It’s the place where billionaires come to hang out, away from the cameras and prying eyes of people and paparazzi. To others, Malindi is an exotic paradise that soaks its visitor in the sand, sand, and, ahem, sex. And yet to others, especially Nairobians, Malindi is the go-to place to chill and recharge.

Well, there are tons of things to do in Malindi. To say that you will be spoilt for choice is an understatement.

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10 Things You Can Do In Malindi

1. Go on an adventure with Malindi boat excursions

Water is known to have therapeutic properties. And what better place to treat yourself than through a boat excursion in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and try to chase the horizon? 

Don’t sweat it. You’re in good hands with boat operators. These guys have been on gazillion excursions and I am sure they can navigate these waters with their eyes closed. But don’t close yours, though. You’ll need all your blinkers to be opened to feast on the pristine waterscape, and take in the waves of the sea … and waves from other excursionists. 

2. Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Watamu Beach

We are still talking about water. If you are a swimming freak, then you are in the right place. Forget the waters of the swimming pools that often have chemicals to keep them clean. 

We are talking crystal-clear natural waters here. Not only will your mind be better for it, but your entire system. Warning; please note that once you take a dip in these waters, you will be addicted. 

3. Shop and dine at Malindi Mall

For the shopaholics, this coastal town has got you sorted with Malindi Mall. 

If you wine and dine after visiting some of the tourist attractions in this bewitching town, Malindi Mall is the place to go. It has restaurants, which have a wide selection of cuisine. 

4. Appreciate unique sculptures at Ndoro Sculpture Garden

If you are a tourist looking to take stories and Kodak moments about sculptures back home, be sure to check out Ndoro Sculpture Garden. 

The artifacts at Ndoro Sculpture Garden are not your usual cookie-cutter items. They have modern African artifacts and classic sculptures. While you are soaking in the art-filled space, the garden’s owner, Carola Rasmussen, will give you a running commentary about each piece. 

If you are an art buff, put this art-enchanted haunt on your Malindi itinerary. 

5. Take a trek to the scenic Vasco da Gama Pillar

Most holidays are filled with food, drinks, and fun. Physical exercise is usually put on the back burner. A trek to the Vasco da Gama Pillar is a great way to kill two birds with one stone; get some physical exercise as well as history lessons. 

The Vasco da Gama Pillar holds a special place in Kenya’s history, as it symbolizes the Portuguese explorer’s 1498 visit to Malindi. Located on the seafront road along the beach in Shela, the pillar was first erected at the Sheikh’s house but later removed and re-erected at its current place 

6. Get close to marine life at Malindi Marine National Park

If you are a sucker for marine life, then Malindi has a national park that will blow your mind with its seascape and beautiful scenery. 

Malindi Marine is one of the oldest marine parks in the country. What’s more, several rare water species call it their home. Some of these rarities are sea turtles, several fish species, Thalassia seagrass, and organ-pipe coral. 

7. Explore wildlife at Falconry of Kenya

Falconry is a fringe pastime. I mean, not so many people know about it, but it is great fun. And once you are hooked, you are hooked, pal. 

But don’t let the name – Falconry of Kenya – fool you. At this place, they have different birds, animals and snakes. The knowledgeable guides will take you around and show you what they do. They also take in injured birds of prey, which they rehabilitate and then release back into the wild. 

8. Learn more about Malindi at Malindi Museum

If you want to know the origins, culture, and past of any place, your best bet is to visit a museum. This is one of the day trips that you must take while in Malindi. 

In the museum, let the curators take you through the multi-layered history of this coastal town. 

9. Bask under the heat of the sun at Tropical Beach

The sun is the sun, right? Nope. There is the sun, then there is the sun – and sunning – at Tropical Beach. Most international tourists come to Malindi to, among others, escape the wintry weather in their countries and bask in the glorious tropical sun. 

It’s funny how something that we take for granted can mean the world to others. Next time you are in Malindi, visit Tropical Beach and let the sun kiss your skin. 

10. Visit the Portuguese Chapel

Malindi has a rich history; from the Swahili culture infused with other cultures from East Africa and beyond, to create this cocktail. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures and creeds. 

The Portuguese Chapel is the perfect destination for any tourist or researcher who wants to have a sneak peek at history, and how religion arrived in Kenya. This visit is a time machine of sorts, and it will take you back at least to the 14th Century.

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Malindi Kenya with AMG Realtors happy clients
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Malindi Solar presentation with AMG Realtors clients
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Malindi, Kenya with AMG Realtors – Solar panels on site
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Malindi, Kenya with AMG Realtors (plots for sale)
Malindi, Kenya with AMG Realtors (plots for sale)
Malindi, Kenya with AMG Realtors (plots for sale)
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Malindi, Kenya views and plots for sale
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