Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy Land In Kantafu Kangundo Road -

Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy Land In Kantafu Kangundo Road

Why More Kenyans Now Prefer Homes Outside Nairobi

Kangundo Road is one of the fastest-growing areas for prospective buyers who want to buy affordable land to build homes or set up other commercial investments. It regularly features inland advertisements. Land prices along Kangundo Road keep rising with each passing year, as demand for land for sale increases, with the thriving real estate business.

Kantafu Kangundo Road Plots for Sale

Land Investments along Kangundo Road

Land along Kangundo comprises locations in Ruai, Joska, Malaa, Kamulu, Kantafu, and other neighborhoods. The land here is appreciating very fast. This is more than the average appreciating value of land in many parts of the country. It is therefore a sure investment both long-term and short-term.

Transport and accessibility are major factors to consider when thinking of investing in any piece of land. There are many public service vehicles that ply Kangundo Road. A dual carriageway in the government’s infrastructure plans, makes it ideal for persons who want to build homes and are working or doing business in, for instance, Machakos County, Nairobi’s CBD, Thika Road, or Mombasa Road.

Benefits of Buying Land in Kangundo Road

Infrastructure Benefits

Kangundo Road is in the works to benefit from increased government spending on infrastructure. The Kenya National Highways Authority has already earmarked it for an upgrade to a dual carriage road. This indicates that the area still has the potential to upscale and plays as a great motivation for aspiring landowners. With that in mind, there will be enormous growth in the areas adjacent to this road in the real estate industry and other businesses. 

There are many social amenities along Kangundo Road; such as schools, hospitals, and supermarkets. The availability of such amenities makes it ideal for people who, not only want to build homes but also want to buy land to set up businesses. Many banks and leading retail stores have established branches here. The area also brags of well-performing schools together with well-equipped health centers. 

The ease of purchase of land along Kangundo Road has made it the place of choice for buyers who are often put off by the complexities of buying land. Land is an emotive issue in Kenya. Whereas many people want to buy land, they grow cold feet because of the bureaucracy that comes with it, like doing a land search. The simplicity of the purchase of land along Kangundo Road makes it ideal for buyers in Kenya and in the diaspora.

Flexible Payment Plans

Because of the flexible payment plan and accessibility of building materials, Kangundo Road is an ideal place for buyers. To bring more buyers into the land-ownership bracket, some of who may not have the whole amount of money required to buy land, real estate companies offer flexibility in payment and discount plans.  

Most land purchases along Kangundo Road are in gated communities. This type of setup gives buyers a sense of safety and community. This is also ideal and is a selling point for groups – such as women’s chamas or other interested groups like boda boda riders – to pool resources and purchase land in one common location, where they all know each other. Kangundo Road is justifiably a Metropolis with no community claiming to be the most dominant. Due to its tranquil nature, it is a dream location for people from all parts of the country, who co-habit peacefully. This area is acclaimed to be a city away from the city. This is because residents get to enjoy modern-day lifestyles without the hustle and bustle of Nairobi.

Kantafu Kangundo Roads for Sale

Increasing Property Value

Land in Kangundo Road can also be bought for speculative purposes. Land along this route has appreciated in value considerably, and that’s the upward trajectory with each passing year. The value of property in Kangundo Road has for the past decade seen a steady increase. Those who invested first reaped huge returns but interesting to note is that new owners are on track to gaining double. Some parcels of land are already serviced with water and electricity which will make it easier for construction. The rise in migration of Nairobi residents to Joska and Kamulu has also been on a high. Residents are consistently searching for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that retreats them from sound and air pollution.

There is an increase in property value along Kangundo Road, which has increased the number of land buyers and the rapid growth of real estate investment. A prime plot along this road will guarantee any investor good returns if the land is for speculative or investment purposes.

There has been an increasing demand for land, with every real estate company worth its salt looking for tracts of land to satisfy the increasing demand from Kenyans. Customers from all walks of life can find an affordable plot along Kangundo Road to cash in on the exceptional growth of this area. There are projects now targeting the middle-class looking for a piece of property for residential development. 

There are customers who buy land because of word-of-mouth from other buyers. The same can be said for customers who avoid buying land from certain companies. Thus, customer satisfaction is of the essence. 

New to the Land Buying Process?

Best lands to buy in kangundo road

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