10 Fun Facts You Need To Know About AMG Realtors

10 Fun Facts You Need To Know About AMG Realtors

This fun facts article will blow your mind! We have turned ten years old. And that’s a lifetime in this business of buying and selling land. We have seen other companies come and go, crumbling with their clients’ hard-earned money, leaving a trail of broken lives and life savings in their wake.

10 facts about AMG Realtors infographic
10 Fun Facts About AMG Realtors infographic

When we came into this business, we knew the stakes were high. Extremely high. But we knew we were up to the task. We knew that land is an emotive issue to our people, and we swore we would do our best to meet – and even go beyond – their expectations. This 10-year milestone is a testament to what we have achieved together. Happy birthday to you, our clients, and us. We’ve done this together.

To go with this milestone, here are 10 fun facts about us …

10 Fun Facts about AMG Realtors

We are the real deal

This is already established by the fun facts that we have been doing this business for a solid 10 years. A number like that does not lie, and it does not need to be defended by half-truths. It speaks for itself. 

However, we are the real deal because our clients have trusted us, and given us really good support over the years. Our deals are real. We deal with real land, which anyone can see at the drop of an email, phone call, or pin. 

AMG Realtors are tested, tried, and true

There are myriad challenges that are prevalent in the land buying and selling sector. We always take feedback from our clients and other stakeholders to become better. Feedback is our food. Feedback is our fuel. 

Tests and trials have made some companies in our sector go under, but they have made us be true. We have realized that, if you are truthful and keep your word to clients, they will spread the good word about you.

Expensive ads on TV, billboards, and social media platforms can only go so far. But truthful words of mouth go further, as they are coming from – so to speak – the horses’ own mouths. As they say, talk ain’t cheap. 

AMG Realtors is not a briefcase company

We are not here in the morning and gone before the end of the day. We are here for the longest haul. Besides, we are not a one-person show. It takes a team to run a company of this magnitude, with every team member bringing in their unique skills and talents. 

Check out our website. We have a team of dedicated personnel that you can talk to here. We reply to emails, answer phone calls, don’t have bots, and have people to address every concern a client has. 

AMG Realtors have a proven track record

A track record takes tons of time, loads of discipline, and unrivaled dedication to build. It’s not an easy job. But when all is said and done, and clients are reaping the harvest, it looks so easy. 

A track record is not hidden. Neither is it a top secret. A real track record, without any skeletons in the closet, must be available for the public to see and judge. Do you need to take a look at our track record? Be our guest. Call one of our team members and your wish will be our command. 

Our clients can vouch for us

We don’t need to toot our own horns. Our satisfied clients can do that. In this land buying sector where some companies sell hot air, the only reliable voice one can trust is that of a client. We have hundreds of those voices, and we treasure each because they are the ones that can vouch for us. 

Do you want our “certificate of good conduct”? Speak to our clients, who are spread all over this great land and nation, and the diaspora. Do you want our stamp of approval? Check out the reviews from our clients and other stakeholders here. Enough said about that. Fun facts like these are hard to find.

We always deliver

Promising and delivering are two very different things. Most land-selling companies promise clients heaven, but then take them through hell and high water. We are different. We promise and strive to deliver. Every. Single. Time. Don’t let these fun facts pass you by.

Talk about the issue of title deeds, which are a thorn in the flesh of many of our competitors. Check; we deliver. Talk about flexibility in payment. Check; we deliver. Talk about sourcing land in areas where our clients can make the best use of it. Check; we deliver. Talk about … um, the list is endless. 

We are a listening, caring partner

We do not just buy land anywhere, then come and try to sell it for a profit. For us, the real profit is seeing positive change in the lives and livelihoods of our clients after they purchase land. 

We do not listen only to our clients, we also listen to what the market is saying. Working with land and economic experts who are well-versed in this matter and coming up with solutions to create better and more favorable outcomes for our clients and ourselves is our goal. We want to win together; not win at the expense of our valued clients. 

AMG Realtors keep getting better

Someone once said that the biggest room in the world is room for improvement. Times are constantly changing. Disruption is the name of the game. We have a team that believes in constantly evolving and changing, not just to meet the needs of the market, but to be far ahead so that our competitors will play catch-up. 

We realize that we cannot get better in a vacuum. Neither can we act like we are know-it-alls and turn a deaf ear to all and sundry. That’s why we need input and positive criticism from clients and stakeholders. Hey, y’all, hit us up here, and let’s get better together. 

We are flexible and understanding

We understand that our clients are not all on the same financial level. Our demographic stretches from executives to blue-collar workers in the jua kali sector. We know that all these people, regardless of their financial weight, have one thing in common; the dream of owning land. A patch of land they can call their own, and they can leave as an inheritance to their offspring. 

We do not despise any of our client’s humble beginnings. Likewise, we do not treat some of our clients like they are better than others. All our clients get the same A-class treatment. Always. 

We are spreading our wings far and wide

This means that, unlike other land-selling companies, we do not just concentrate on one supposed “high value” area. We know our clients come from different parts of the country, and they would love to own land and explore potential beyond certain set regions. 

Keep your eyes peeled. We are coming to a town near you. We are going to that place where you have always dreamt of buying land. Our goal is to go to all the 47 counties of this great land and nation. 


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Are you looking for property to buy today? You have come to the right place today with this fun facts article.

At AMG, a happy landowner is what we are about. Make us your choice for investment and you will have an investment experience like no other. We only sell what we own and deliver titles via DHL to your doorstep and a 60-day money-back guarantee on your title. We are the 2021 winner of the most-trusted land-selling company. 

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