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Looking For The Best Nakuru Properties To Buy?

Are you looking for Nakuru properties to buy? All real estate investment roads lead to Nakuru.

Why? You may ask. Nakuru is the fastest-growing town in East and Central Africa, according to a recent study by UN-Habitat and Nakuru town is the fourth-largest urban centre in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

This important fact means that building and construction, tourism and agri-business industries proportionately expand at the same rate and we have not even talked about other industries and businesses such as malls, entertainment joints, mom-and-pop shops which are also growing.

Nakuru plots for sale
Nakuru plots for sale

How AMG Realtors Sell Nakuru properties

At AMG, we want our partners to grow. That’s why we have made it our business to look for land investment opportunities in places that are growing. We understand that our customers are busy with other activities that occupy their daily lives. We have taken the stress out of this painstaking activity, by searching for and securing economically-viable land, so our partners can start growing from the get-go. 

This rapid growth rate in construction projects has increased currency velocity in Nakuru. This has resulted in the establishment of numerous construction-related industries and a building boom means land is a going concern, construction services are in high demand and there are countless employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled personnel.

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Nakuru is giving the coast – which is Kenya’s numero uno domestic tourism destination – a run for those top dollar tourism earnings. In the recent past, Nakuru has witnessed a considerable surge in the numbers of domestic tourists. Buying land from AMG in this fast-growing hot spot will place an investor smack in the middle of this tourism boom, as has been the case with investors who have AirBnB cribs, and are earning from this income stream.

With your B-n-B in place, your guests will be spoilt for choice. Major attractions in the county are Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park and Menengai Crater. Lake Nakuru National Park hosts among other wildlife the big five; lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo and elephant. There are numerous opportunities for investment in meetings, incentive travels, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) in Nakuru.

Odinga street in Nakuru city
Nakuru City on Odinga Street

Factors to consider when buying Nakuru properties

While buying land, an investor should consider all factors, such as:

  • A good road network
  • Security
  • Provision for water
  • and access to electricity

One important factor that makes or breaks a location is its proximity to other towns. This factor opens up Nakuru city to trade intra-town opportunities via good roads, such as the Nakuru-Eldoret Highway and the Lanet-Nakuru Road.

Other major towns in Nakuru are Naivasha, Molo, Gilgil, Njoro, Maai Mahiu, Subukia, Dundori, Salgaa, Mau Narok, Bahati, Rongai and Olenguruone. Located in the southeastern part of the Rift Valley Province, Nakuru County borders 7 counties with Baringo to the north, Laikipia to the northeast, Nyandarua to the east, Kajiado to the south, Narok to the southwest with Bomet and Kericho to the west.

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What do properties mean to AMG’s partners?

We are not dumping you in a remote location while you will be light years away from civilization, where no tarmac road has ever been seen; or where you have to beat the bush to make an access road. We are offering you residential plots in a place where you will thrive.

Agriculture is the lifeline of the economy of Nakuru County. It is estimated that a whopping 70% of Nakuru’s land is arable and highly productive land. The soil type in Nakuru is loam and this is ideal for farming and construction. 

greenlands Nakuru plots
Greenlands Nakuru Plots

The prime plots we are offering at Mwanga Gardens and The Nest are well within the reach of our prospective partners. Plus, because we cater for investors from all cadres of life, we have an instalment payment option, an attractive introductory price and unmatched title processing costs. 

Demand for residential land for sale is on the rise. Most buyers are looking for 1/8 acre plots. Our plots at Mwanga Gardens tick two vital boxes; they are affordable and strategically located plots. Our affordable price will put our partners in that much-desired status of landowners. Mwanga is strategically located 30 minutes away from the Pipeline junction in Nakuru.

The Nest is our a new project in Nakuru along the Nakuru -Eldoret highway. The area is ideal for residential homes and it’s ready to build. Electricity is less than 100m away from the land.

Every investor desires affordable plots for growing business developments. If you are looking for commercial land, you have come to the right place. We have all the land details to remove the hustle out of your investment plans, whether you are in Kenya or are fixing to buy from the diaspora. Our plots have ready title deeds and transfer is done upon completion of payment.

How to contact AMG Relators for Nakuru properties?

At AMG, a happy landowner is what we are about. Make us your choice for investment and you will have an investment experience like no other. We only sell what we own and deliver titles via DHL to your doorstep and a 60 days money-back guarantee on your title. We are the 2021 winner of the most-trusted land selling company. 

Partners, let’s do this. Call or WhatsApp us today for more information at +254 748 229941.

You can also click here to buy your Nakuru property from us at AMG Realtors.

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