Diaspora notes to you

Mary Mwirigi

“I live and work in the U.K and I got to trust AMG after receiving my title within a month. I am encouraging all Kenyans from whichever part of the world they may be at; abroad or at home in Kenya, join AMG! It is simple and easy to make payments through flexible installments and you are guaranteed to get your title when you return back home from abroad.”


Aisha Rashid

“I joined AMG in 2013 and I am quite comfortable with them as I have invested quite with them and they never failed me, I will keep investing more. I am comforted knowing that with them everything is in order, they respond to every concern I have and address it accordingly. One thing I know for sure is that AMG not only sells land but also sells genuine land. “


Nelly Wanjiru

We got our title deeds shipped to Canada as promised. I am recommending AMG Realtors to the Kenyans in Diaspora who want to invest back home…

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