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To be recognized as the best consumer oriented property firm in Africa.


To be the best property firm in Africa in 2020.

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Having been in a robust corporate career for nearly 15 years, Andrew Gitau sought to venture out into an area he always had passion for believing totally in his dream to change the way property management works. Armed with his business and marketing skills, and experience helping his friends to seamlessly purchase land, he set up AMG Realtors.
Clients have so far found that our team’s vast knowledge of land matters in Nanyuki area has a huge added advantage. From this humble beginning, we have grown our market presence with an impressive annual turnover of 100 Million Shillings in the first two years.
And with over 300 acres of freehold land sold, we look to even brighter years ahead.


Our guiding philosophy at AMG Realtors is anchored on delivering the best possible service and value to our clients through provision of land and property through a seamless process with utmost integrity. It is for this very reason that the company was founded 3 years ago with the goal of providing land and access to property at the best value in various beautiful parts of the country such as Nanyuki, Lukenya, Kisaju, Kajiado & Isinya.
These parts of the country are well known to us. From the layout of the land, the terrain, the geography, and the locals; we are well acquainted with the environment for which we propose to you, either for investment, for building your home. This indepth knowledge sets us apart as it enables us to collaborate closely with your in the journey of investment decision making.
The current rapid growth of the middle class in urban centres has seen demand for most comfortable, ideal and aspirational living communities
and it is with this in mind that we explore areas beyond that which you already have access to be it for investment, holiday homes, second homes, we will work collaboratively with you to identify, analyse and deliver the right solution for your needs.


Our business is prioritized by provision of land, and for this reason, through a network of scouts and researchers, we ensure an all-rounded knowledge of vast portions of land to purchase, translating this knowledge confidently into informed investments. The land is then accordingly sub divided into convenient plots for sale and freehold titles for each parcel is acquired.
Our work also caters for investment companies, SACCOS, Chamas and individual investors looking to buy in bulk.


Our core service is provision of land. We have properties in various parts of Kenya strategically located to provide our clients with the best value for their investments. These pieces of land are in regular plots of ½ & ¼ acres.
We also offer fully serviced plots in controlled developments.

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